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2000 VW Beetle 1.6 Hatchback Black Alloys Part Exchange to Clear 160,000 miles X423UAT



NEW CAR 9415

Beetle Mania PX

Welcome to Bettle Mania Part Exchange car sales.

This Beetle will more than likely have been a part exchange against one of our retail Beetles.

Unlike our retails Beetle's that comes with a year's warranty our part exchanges come with no warranty.

They are mostly fine with the odd bit here and there and mostly cosmetic. These are either too old or too high mileage for us to give any guarantee.

If you purchase this Beetle you must be aware of what you are buying and in the event that something goes this will be at your cost and not ours.

Totally sold as seen the same as you would get as if you were buying privately.

Sold as seen

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