Shopping Cart Types

Shopping Cart Types and how they work?

There are 2 types of carts, a Visitors cart and a Members cart.

Visitors Cart

Every visitor to our website will be given a 'Visitors Cart'. This allows the visitor to store their products in a temporary shopping cart. Once the visitor leaves the online shop, so will the contents of their shopping cart.

If a registered member visits the site and add items to their cart once they log in these items will be added to there members cart. If the member then logs out them items that were in the cart will be saved in there so when the member logs back in they will still be there so continue to shop form when you last left the website.

Members Cart

Every member to our website that logs in is given a 'Members Cart'. This allows the member to add products to their shopping cart, and come back at a later date to finalize their checkout. All products remain in their shopping cart until the member has checked them out, or removed the products themselves.

If a member adds products to their 'Visitors Cart' and decides to log in to the online shop to use their 'Members Cart', the contents of their 'Visitors Cart' will merge with their 'Members Cart' contents automatically.